I was not a fan of this short film (Starcrossed).  I’m sure it’s on YouTube or Vimeo. It’s a short about two brothers (above) who have a sexual relationship, get caught and deal with the aftermath.  It’s a tough subject matter, as one would expect.  I just thought that in an effort to make it a short they made it to simplistic.  They could have been best friends, school buddies, minor acquaintances and you still would have had the same reaction with the ending.  It didn’t hit me emotionally because it felt forced. (gifs by derekisme)

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Capitol Look: Mao Geping

Mao Geping has been called “the best known makeup artist in China” and “one of the world’s premiere makeup artists”—and at this year’s China Fashion Week we saw astounding examples of his work that support these claims.  Geping’s influences for the show ranged from Victorian steampunk to despotic military to softer, floral inspirations.  

"The main carrier and perspective of the conference is women in the war," Geping has noted of his themes. While Panem may be celebrating seventy-five years of blissful peace, this meticulous and ridiculous display of metals and petals has us ready to charge into battle.  

Although the purpose of the runway show was to showcase Geping’s brand MGPIN, his artistry for blending fantastical apparel into meticulously crafted 3D makeup creations left us speechless.  Gears came together to form an architectural brow, complementing a steampunk outfit with metal engineer’s hat.  Embedded zippers created boundaries around seamlessly blended color, exaggerating the eyes’ shape into a structured warrior’s paint. He also designs brows out of items as disparate as delicate floral appliques and coins.

Throughout the show, impeccable styling combined with the dramatic artistry of Geping’s craft left the audience wondering where the model ended and the makeup began. The models, however, seemed to own the message Geping was sending: “They are naturally gentle and beautiful, but present a cold appearance under the uniform bound. Their inner heart is calling for peace, eager to go back themselves, and enjoy the exquisite and quality life.” His eloquent summation of these models echoes the sentiments shared, only days ago, by our brave tributes.

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